lyrikline (1999- )

- er Danmark med? -

Lyrikline is a unique multilingual online poetry platform. She brings together the text, the poet’s voice, rhythm, sound and translations. You can hear the voice of the poet, read the poem in the original language and, thanks to translations, understand it in many languages.

Over 14,000 poems by more than 1,500 poets from more than 80 languages ​​with over 22,000 translations are represented on Lyrikline, and the website is constantly being expanded to include voices and translations.

Initiated by the House of Poetry in 1999, Lyrikline has been based on international collaboration since 2003. Institutions from over 50 countries are currently working together in the Lyrikline network to present more and more poetry and translate it into more and more languages.

With the Grimme Online award-winning web portal,  the House of Poetry operates the world’s largest online portal for contemporary poetry. Lyrikline carries poetry from Germany into the world, and international poetry becomes known in the German-speaking world.

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