Refugium: the Jan Michalski Foundation

- deadline 14. september 2023. May the best person work -

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that applications for the Jan Michalski Foundation residences 2024 are now open.

Priority is given to writers and translators, but the residencies are open to all types of writing, including other disciplines in which writing is at the heart of the project. A certain percentage of the residencies will be dedicated to nature writing, a form of fiction or creative non-fiction that raises awareness of nature, prepares for a sustainable future, and helps to better understand socio-environmental interconnections and the impact of human actions on nature. Residencies can be granted for individual projects or collaborations.

You will find enclosed more details and links about our writer-in-residence program (in French and English).

We would be grateful if you could share information into your network.

We thank you for your collaboration and remain at your disposition should you have any questions.

Best regards

Charlotte Chevrier Dana
Collaboratrice en communication

En Bois Désert 10
CH-1147 Montricher
Tél.: + 41 21 864 01 55

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