Kurt Schwitters URSONATE

- lydpoesi 1922 -


Ursonate er et tidligt eksempel på lydpoesi. Multikunstneren Kurt Schwitters opførte det ofte og udviklede på det i årene mellem 1922 og 1932, hvor han trykte den fonetiske notation  i det sidste nummer af sit “merz”-tidsskrift.

Den fulde ursonate som karaoke

Den eneste eksisterende optagelse er ved Ernst Schwitters, Kurt Schwitters søn.


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Fra den fulde side om Kurt Schwitters på UBU WEB:

“Kurt Schwitters realised that a phonetic notation for the Sonata was essential if it should not die with him. Ordinary notes, as used for music, would not do here. With each successive publication of the Sonata he improved on the form of notation, and finally in 1932 the “Sonate in Urlauten” was published as the last number of his MERZ-magazine, No. 24. Although this is the most up-todate notation, it is virtually impossible to recite it correctly without having heard it recited by Kurt Schwitters as often as possible.

Under pressure from all sides I have finally agreed to try to recite it. Though I am aware my recital can, in no way, be compared with my father’s, I have one advantage over all other people, I drank it, so to speak, at the same time as my mother’s milk. I heard it at least two or three hundred times. I followed closely its development. I admired it immensely, as I admired my father. I believe I shall never forget the intonation and pronounciation of it. Anyhow, it is the best I can do.

Ernst Schwitters
London, September 27, 1958″


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